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Where Rewards and Meaningful Connections Meet Social Impact

Welcome to the Souperstar app, your gateway to a world where meaningful rewards and genuine connections take center stage, all while contributing to social change. It's more than just a typical rewards app; it's a platform where every action you take creates a ripple effect of positivity.

Collect Stars and Hearts:
Scan your purchase receipt to collect Stars (🌟) and Hearts (❤️). Stars (🌟) are your key to unlocking exclusive rewards – think of them as your culinary currency, ready to be exchanged for delicious menu items at our outlets. But it doesn't stop there. Every Heart ( ❤️) you collect from the Souper Combo purchased on top of the Stars (🌟). goes towards supporting a vital cause – providing clean water access to rural communities.

Fueling Social Change:
We've partnered with Wateroam, a mission-driven social enterprise, to deploy water filters to communities in need. With our unique rewards system, you can directly contribute to this life-changing initiative in a click. Here's the best part: your contribution is separate from your usual reward points (🌟). So, every time you dine at Souperstar, you're making a positive impact without sacrificing your reward benefits.

Embracing Connections:
But that's not all. We believe in the power of genuine connections. In the Souperstar app, you can transfer Hearts (♥️) and Stars (🌟) within our community, combining your efforts with friends, family, and fellow diners to combine efforts to support each others’ rewards redemption and amplify your impact . It's a way of saying, "Together, we can make a difference."

Generous Treats: Cash Vouchers
Want to make someone's day? The Souperstar app lets you pre-purchase vouchers and transfer them to your loved ones as a generous treat. It's more than a gift; it's a meaningful connection, a way to share the love and experience the joy of giving. Simply purchase the cash vouchers at any of our store then scan & store it in your app.

Join the Souperoamers Community:
By using the Souperstar app, you become a part of the Souperoamers community. It's a collective of individuals who share the belief that small actions can create significant change. Together, we dine, earn, give back, and embrace connections, creating a wave of positive transformation.

Ready to make every meal count and strengthen connections? Download the Souperstar app now and be a part of a community that blends rewards with real-world impact and genuine connections. It's not just an app; it's a movement towards a better world.

Learn more about our collaboration with Wateroam at