Empowering Lives, Embracing Connections

Empowerment through Connection, Comfort, and Wellness: We envision a world where empowerment is cultivated through meaningful connections, emotional comfort and a focus on holistic wellness, with our platform serving as the catalyst for this transformative journey. Uplift from within and be your own Superstar.


Empowering Lives through Nourishment and Connection

Physical Well-being: Souperstar champions physical health and vitality by offering nutritious and comforting food choices, designed to be "like a hug you can taste." Our goal is to support the well-being of our customers, making each meal an opportunity to nourish body and soul, achieving a balanced lifestyle.

Mental Resilience: We are committed to fostering mental strength and personal growth. Through initiatives like "Hug to Heart Talk" on our social platforms, we provide a space for sharing of experiences and knowledge, community support, aiming to inspire and empower.

Emotional Support: Beyond food, Souperstar serves as a source of emotional comfort and upliftment. Our efforts are geared towards supporting holistic wellness, offering a sense of belonging and fulfillment through community engagement and shared experiences through various impact initiatives.
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SOUPERSTAR – is a reimagined food concept that amalgamates the best of local and the world’s food heritage. We do so by injecting popular flavours from around the world to the nostalgic taste of popiah, thus changing how popiah is being savoured.
Our popiah makes a filling and refreshing grab-and-go snack!

Here is how we first began...
Our pioneers at Fortune Food has been serving Singaporeans their favourite local delights for over a decade. Fortune Food, a brand with more than 10 years of popular following, operates 10 hawker stalls serving well-loved Singapore delicacies such as popiahs, kueh pie ti, laksa and muah chee. We strive to uphold our pioneers’ ethos for fresh, quality and affordable food even as we take a spin on our expertise to bring you hearty meals.  But beyond delicious and hearty food, we envision ourselves as a nexus of everything good. Hence in everything that we do here at SOUPERSTAR, we are guided by
Heritage & Modern – Keeping vanishing traditions alive through creative reinterpretation of local favourites with global flavours. We hope to enrich the local food heritage and cater to food lovers from all walks of life.
Hearty & Affordable – Serving creative comfort food that nourishes the body and soul while keeping it affordable so that life’s simple pleasures can be enjoyed by all.
Comfort & Happiness – Good Food is Good Mood. Be it a gathering or a meal break, we hope to evoke feelings of comfort and happiness through hearty and delicious food.
Passion & Humanity – Inspiring and Collaborating with passionate individuals to contribute to humanity through food, passion and entrepreneurship.
popiah when paired with our soups make a hearty meal!