3 Healthier meal options with Souperstar


Hearty yet Healthy! Healthy eating in Singapore need not mean boring eating. From Soup to Popiah to Salads, every meal at Souperstar is a wholesome one. Here, we serve hearty comfort food that nourishes both the body and soul while keeping it affordable so that life’s simple pleasures can be enjoyed by all.

Traditional Popiah. The classic Singaporean-style popiah - soft popiah skin, sweet sauce, sambal chili, eggs, cilantro, slow-cooked turnips and carrots, with shredded cucumbers, and topped off with peanuts and crispy bits. A humble roll that is meat-free* and let's reveal this - lowest in calories. 

Italian Vegetable SoupChock-full of soothing vegetables and simmered in a hearty tomato-enriched broth - the true Italian flavours of summer!

*Request to omit Sambal Chilli as it contains dry prawn.


Vegetarian Chargrilled Salad + French Onion Soup

Vegetarian Chargrilled Salad. A fresh and healthy mix of chargrilled vegetables, sauteed mushrooms, chickpeas, black olives, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers, cheese croutons over a salad mix bed, served with a balsamic honey and pesto drizzle.

Classic French OnionCaramelized onions simmered with herbs for a sweet and savory flavour. Served with a buttery cheese crouton!

Black Pepper Chicken Stew, Three-grain Rice, Mini Salad, Focaccia Bun

Black Pepper Chicken Stew. Tender pieces of stir-fried chicken bites stewed in a flavourful black pepper sauce, served over fragrant white rice and elevated with the aromatic flavours of garlic, shallots and onions!

Three-Grain RiceHearty, healthy - this signature three-grain rice comprises of three forms of rice -pearl barley, brown rice and Japanese short-grain with carrots - an ideal accompaniment for stews and soups!