An Introduction to Handmade Popiah Skin

We know what you’re thinking - isn’t all popiah skin handmade? There aren’t machines rolling each roll, and each popiah definitely isn’t assembled in some factory somewhere, so it’s got to be handmade!

Well, you’ve got most of that right - popiahs are almost always rolled by people - that’s how our popiahs achieve that tight snugness, with flavour in each bite. Popiah skins, on the other hand - now that’s where the distinction in handmade popiah comes from.

Plenty of retailers have forsaken the traditional style of handmade popiah skins, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s laborious, time-consuming, and tedious. At SOUPERSTAR, and Fortune Food, our parent company, we see it differently. It’s not about the early mornings or the back-breaking work - it’s about keeping our cultural heritage alive, and serving only the best to our customers.

Handmade popiah skin has a certain soft and fluffy consistency to it - it’s something that can only be achieved with the tenderness of human hands! Typical mass-produced popiah skins are thin but not crisp, and lacks the softness of a handmade popiah skin.

The quality of our popiah is a testament to the process, and an example of the traditions we hold on to as we bring the heritage food of popiah into the next generation.